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Sea Monsters lead powder 100 gr y 500 gr

Sea Monsters lead powder 100 gr y 500 gr

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Powders for painting leads (in termoplastificante powder paint). Paint your leads as you want, you can mix colors for custom finishes.

INSTRUCTIONS wearing gloves and goggles is necessary.
1. Place the leads in a metal tray and put in the oven. (No warming leads flame)
2. Turn the oven to a temperature not exceeding about 310 ° C
3. Leave leads inside at constant temperature for about 15-20 minutes to allow the heat to penetrate them.
4. Place the powder leads into a shallow or flat plate.
5. Take oven leads one to one with tweezers and coat in powder leads. Sprinkle the parts that are not covered.
6. Put the leads in a cool place.
7. once cooled, if a softer or even finish necessary, put it back in the oven leads to change coverage. Control frequently to avoid going over cooking.
8. Take leads the oven with tongs and put in a cold place.