Combo Sea Monsters rod , reel y line

Combo Sea Monsters rod , reel y line


1. Choose the rod you like the most from group 1
2. Choose your favourite reel from group 2
3. Choose your favourite line from group 3.
4. BOOM! Benefit automatically from the discount.

It's that easy, just choose a product from each group and create your combo to fish your way, you decide!

Combine them as you like.

Take a look at our suggestions in the INFO section.

Suggested combinations:

COMBO SURFCASTING: Special Beach Hybrid / Plus rod + Arena 10000 Reel + Nylon XLine 1000m line
COMBO SPINNING: Labrax 80 Rod + Spin 4000 Reel + X-Braid 0,15m line
COMBO CALAMAR: Rod Calamari 80 + Reel Spin 2000 + Line Ultra Round 0,12
COMBO BOAT: Rod Spartan or Special Boat + Reel Arena 10.000 + Line Ultra Round 0,18