Sea Monsters Lumi lead powder 100gr

Sea Monsters Lumi lead powder 100gr

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Luminescent powder plastic ideal for coatings with high resistance (thermoplasticizing powder). Plasticize your leads as you want, you can mix colors to get custom finishes.
We also have a white plastic base powder to apply first and give more luminance and clear lacquer to protect and give shine.
Content of the bag: 100 g

Luminescent powder plastic ideal for high resistance coatings
How to use: Preheat the piece between 270º and 350ºC. Immerse for 10-15 seconds and subject to a post-heating cycle 1 150-160ºC. Overheating can cause the coating to discolour after storage.

1. Use in ventilated environments.
2. Be sure to extract the fumes from the curing oven with mechanical extractors.
3. Keep out of reach of children.
4. Do not store near heat sources.
5. Shake before use.
6. First apply a white plastic powder base for greater luminance.
Keep in a fresh place between 10-25ºC and away from sunlight.