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  • 9,35 €

    Lure with weight transfer system based on a spring fixed to the lure by a metal guide to increase the distance casting.Size:140mm / 18g / diving depth: 0,60 - 070m170mm / 23g / diving depth: 0,60 - 070m170mm / 28g / diving depth: 0,60 - 070m

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  • 3,85 €

    Soft plastic octopus specially used to rig trolling lures.10 cm / 12cm5 units

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  • 5,72 €

    Silver Labrax artisan vinyl of pleasant sensations.It has a plumb head and comes in 3 sizes: 20gr (125mm), 30gr (140mm) and 40 gr (150 mmm) with a range of 6 colors very well chosen, adjustable to practically any fishing scenario thanks to its Texas assembly.Its great design, perfect replica of a 160 mm Lanzon fish that fused to its exclusive active tail,...

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  • 3,63 €

    Mouse shape floating lure.Soft body Comes with double hook very strong and sharp. 3D eyes and bright colors very attractive to fish. Available with or without spinner. Served in 1 unit blister.

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  • 4,34 €

    Mini soft and ultra flexible bait with lateral extensions along the body that create air bubbles to attract fish.

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  • 10,45 €

    Perfect lure for fishing bass, teleostan and all kinds of predators.Its realistic movement and its glow effect is perfect for sunsets and dawns, when the fish are searching for their prey.Available in 2 colors.Weight: 50gr

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  • 6,05 €

    Very balanced Lure for slow jigging . Easy to work with and with a great movement capacity even in current. The holographic finish combined with its forms creates some very attractive brightness for fish including the most apathetic.Available in 4 colors and 3 weights. (60, 80, 100)

    Desde 6,05 €
  • 7,65 €

    Jig designed for slow jigging with slits to draw the attention of predators.Gifted with luminescent eyes for deep water fishing.Perfect to explore the bottom.Available in 4 colors and two weights (130gr and 150gr)

    Desde 7,65 €
  • 6,05 €

    Kabura lure for slow jigging. The union of the head and the octopus grants a very suggestive movement, which alongside with the brightness of its large eyes, and the vibrations emitted by the flaps, makes it a very attractive and versatile lure.Available in 4 colors and 3 wheights. (60gr, 80gr, 100gr)

    Desde 6,05 €
  • 18,65 €

    This lure is equipped with a revolutionary weight transfer system based on a spring and a tungsten pistonThis revolutionary system allows you to achieve a balance that lengthens the haul and makes it recover its position to achieve a recovery of the optimum lure, while allowing it to reach distances unattainable for other lures of its length and...

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  • 6,49 €

    Jigs with hook with natural feathers and kristal flash pearl to get a natural movement and provoke predators.4 different models: Sardina, Chicharro, Julia and AnchoaAvailable in 3 sizes: 25 gr / 40 gr / 60 gr

    Desde 6,49 €
  • 16,50 €

    Available in two different sizes: 12 CM Leaded head of 10 gr From 1 to 6 with silicone tube From 7 to 10 with combed raffia Double hook Nº4 mounted in the artisan style with "Mamayo" Nylon Trilene 0.80 (1.80 m) 15 CM Leaded head of 20 gr From 1 to 6 with silicone tube From 7 to 10 with combed raffia Double hook Nº2 mounted to the...

    Desde 16,50 €
Showing 1 - 15 of 46 items