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    Professional pedal kayak for sailing in fresh and salt water, maximum stability and easy to maneuver with the handwheel, with 2 fixed rod holders, guides to place more accessories, raised and padding seat , two watertight store lockers LENGTH: 3,32cmWIDTH: 90cmHIGH: 36cmWEIGHT: 37kgCAPACITY: 175kg

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    Neoprene suit of 3,5mm.Front zip for easy fitting. Anti-friction inner section.Reinforced knees.

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    Inflatable boat made of polyester coated on both sides by PVC sheets. Seals sealed by ultrasound, which gives them greater resistance avoiding possible breaks. Rigid inflatable high pressure floor, you can stand in any position. Protected all around its perimeter by a rubber band. Handles for your best transport. Size: 240 x 135 cm Indoor useful...

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    Kayak for sailing in fresh and salty water, good stability and easy to maneuver with the built-in rudder, it has two canoes and tobacconist of easy access.LONG: 3,64cmWIDTH: 80cmHIGH: 32.4cmWEIGHT: 30kgCAPACITY: 180kgTimon controlled with feet.Holds objects in the back.Handles for transport.CañerosI play

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    Blade: Nylon + fiberglass Shaft: 2-piece aluminum shaft, Black anodized. 3 holes for angle adjustment. Blade size: 44 * 18cm Standard length

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    Blade: Nylon+glass fiberShaft: 2-piece aluminum shaft,black anodized.Shaft dia.29mm.3 Holes for angle adjustment.Blade size: 44*18cmstandard length

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    Hybrid model between a traditional duck and a submerged boat. Thanks to its generous length of 170 cm, 100 cm of sleeve, diameter of tubes 30 cm. And its great load capacity (up to 180 kilos), we can sail and fish in all comfort, both rowing and flapping for long days without effort and comfort due to the elevated position of your high pressure seat at...

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    - Automatic life jacket, adjustable. It has a water sensor for the automatic activation of the inflation cylinder, it can also be activated by a pull or manual inflation. It incorporates an emergency whistle.

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    Manual lifejacket, padded and adjustable. It has an inflation cylinder which is activated with a pull or manual inflation. It incorporates an emergency whistle.

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    SEA MONSTERS inflatable paddle board XXL5,18x2,00x0,20 m10 and grip handles for transportationLarge surface slip pad2 Valves / max. 15PSI = 1 Bar2 inflator1 Kit Repair1 Remo removable aluminum 2 piece1 Leash3 Fins with slipcase for easy placementCarrying Case

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    Kayak of initiation to navigate in fresh and salty water, perfect stability and easy to maneuver, has 4 fixed canines and one with 360º rotation, two estanuchos estancos of easy access and rear slides.LENGTH: 2,97cmWIDTH: 80cmHIGH: 30cmWEIGHT: 21.5kgCAPACITY: 140kg

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    Two-seater kayak, designed for calm waters like lakes and reservoirs, great stability and easy to maneuver has canoes with 360º movement and tambuchos estancos.LONG: 3,97cmWIDTH: 84cmHIGH: 30cmWEIGHT: 31.5kgCAPACITY: 220kg (2 PLAZAS)

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    Adjustable ergonomic padded seat for kayak, 4 attachments, with cane holder on the back.

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